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Your custom gear deserves to be made.

What to Expect

Request A Quote


When you submit your request, our friendly and knowledgeable team will carefully review your project details. Click below to start the process or continue scrolling to learn more about our comprehensive procedure.

Be Contacted By Our Team


Once you've submitted your request, one of our experienced staff members will reach out to you. They'll work closely with you to select the perfect garments and products for your project. This initial discussion is essential to understand your target audience, budget, and design requirements, ensuring we provide you with the best recommendations possible.

Receive Quote For Approval


After we've gathered all the necessary information, our team will create a detailed quote. They'll review your order to make sure everything aligns with your vision. Our goal is to catch any issues early, suggest improvements, and help you choose the ideal design and apparel combination that will become your customers' favorite. Feel free to reach out to our sales team through email, phone call, or text for advice or guidance at any point in the process. Please note that the quote is based on the price of garments at the time of quote creation.

Approve Art Proof


Once you've approved the quote, your job enters the Art Department. Our skilled team will start working on your mock-up. When it's ready for review, you'll receive an art approval request. Take your time to examine the mock-up carefully. If everything looks perfect, hit that approval button, and your project will move to the next stage. If you have any changes or adjustments, simply decline and let our team know how we can ensure your gear is just right.

Enter Production


At this stage, your order progresses from concept to reality. Our team, equipped with state-of-the-art software, technology, and equipment, begins the production process. Rest assured that your designs are in capable hands. When your shirts reach this phase, you'll receive a notification confirming that your gear is being prepared for production.

Printing is the heart and soul of Reach Clothing, and we excel in this area. Whether it's a simple piece of text or a complex photographic design, we approach every project with the utmost care, producing beautiful and consistent shirts that are a joy to wear and behold.

Your Order Is Complete


Congratulations, your gear is ready! We'll notify you as soon as your order is completed. If your shirt is being shipped, you'll receive an email with tracking information. If you prefer to pick up your order, our shop is open Monday through Friday from 9 AM to 5 PM. While you're here, be sure to check out our REACH CLOTHING Merch on display. Final payment is due at the time of pickup and can be conveniently paid online or in person.

Wear Your Gear


You've successfully completed the process, and now it's time to proudly wear your new favorite clothing. Thank you for choosing Reach Clothing; we look forward to serving you again in the future.

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  • ★★★★★

    Reach has been so helpful providing us shirts on many occasions and in a timely manner. We are excited to hand out our latest order to all of First Church. Tyson guided us through the entire process and the end result was exactly what we were desiring. Thanks, Tyson, and the whole Reach team! -Jessica D

  • ★★★★★

    I contacted other companies in the area and Reach gave us the best price. They were also VERY responsive to every single one of my (many) questions & concerns. The design team perfectly executed my vision and they had our order done in record time. Thank you!! -Amy K

  • ★★★★★

    Fell in love with Reach Clothing and their local Tulsa merch the first time I saw their gear at the fair. Their designs are original and the quality of the fabric is unmatched for the price point. Since then, they've been a dream to work with for custom orders...from the design, quick turnaround times and customer service, my experience has been wonderful. Plan to use them again in the future and look forward to what they have this year at the fair! -Keely F



Q: How is the price of an order determined?
A: The price of an order is influenced mainly by two factors: the number of colors in the design and the quantity of items in your order. Designs with more colors are more complex to set up and require more materials, increasing the cost. Additionally, since a significant portion of the total cost comes from the setup process, ordering in larger quantities helps to distribute this cost more evenly, effectively lowering the price per item.

Q: Why does the number of colors affect the cost?
A: The complexity of setting up a print job increases with each additional color, as it requires more time, labor, and materials. More colors mean more screens or printing processes must be prepared, which in turn raises the overall cost of production.

Q: How does quantity affect the pricing?
A: The more items you order, the less expensive each piece becomes. This is because the setup costs—a major component of the total price—are spread out across a larger number of items. Therefore, increasing the quantity of your order can significantly reduce the cost per unit.

Q: Will the quote I receive change over time?
A: The quote you receive is based on the current price of garments at the time the quote is created. Prices may vary due to changes in supply costs, so it's possible that quotes could change if there are significant fluctuations in material costs. A quote price is good for two weeks after quote has been sent.

Q: Can I reduce the cost of my order?
A: Yes, you can potentially reduce the cost of your order by decreasing the number of colors in your design or by increasing the quantity of your order. Both of these adjustments can help to lower the overall cost per item.

Q: Is it cheaper to print simple designs?
A: Generally, yes. Simpler designs that use fewer colors are typically less expensive to produce than more complex, multi-colored designs due to the reduced setup time and material usage.

Q: How can I get the best value for my order?
A: To get the best value, consider simplifying your design to reduce the number of colors and order in as large a quantity as is practical for your needs. This approach helps to minimize the cost per item, making your order more economical.

Q: Are there any hidden fees?
A: We believe in transparency and want you to know exactly what to expect. Here’s our list of additional fees that may apply:

  • Custom Ink Colors: If you need a specific ink color that we don't usually stock, there may be a fee for custom mixing.
  • Color Changes: If your design requires changing ink colors partway through the print run, a fee will apply for the additional setup.
  • Shipping (if requested): Shipping costs depend on the size of your order and the delivery location. We'll provide a shipping estimate with your quote.
  • Digitizing Fees for Embroidery: For embroidery orders, your design may need to be digitized into a format the embroidery machines can read. This one-time fee applies only if we need to create a new digitized file for your design.

We aim to keep our pricing straightforward and our processes as transparent as possible. If you have any questions about potential fees or anything else, just ask!

Products & Services

Q: What custom printing services do you offer?
A: We specialize in custom screen-printing across a wide range of products including T-shirts, polos, hoodies, sweaters, tank tops, sweatpants, yoga pants, koozies, tote bags, and more. If you have a specific item in mind that you'd like to customize, let us know, and we'll explore the possibilities with you. Additionally, we offer a comprehensive catalog of products for you to choose from, known as the "Reach Catalog."

Q: Can you do custom embroidery?
A: Yes, we provide custom embroidery services for various items such as hats, shirts, polos, button-downs, sweaters, and more. Our embroidery options offer a durable and premium customization method for personal or professional use.

Q: Do you offer any other custom items?
A: Apart from screen-printing and embroidery, we produce high-quality custom stickers in all shapes and sizes, along with promotional items like koozies and water bottles. If you have a specific item in mind that is not listed, please reach out to us with your ideas. We'll do our best to accommodate your request or suggest suitable alternatives.

Q: What is a "Your Reach Store"?
A: The "Your Reach Store" is a tailored solution for fundraisers, campaigns, businesses, teams, or brands looking to presell their products. This platform allows you to offer your products for sale before they are printed, simplifying the process of managing orders and minimizing upfront costs. It's ideal for those who want to gauge interest or need a convenient way to fundraise.


Yes, we do have minimum order requirements, which vary depending on the printing or embroidery technique you choose:

  • Screen Printing: Our minimum order quantity for screen printing is 24 garments. This minimum can consist of a mix of different items such as shirts, hoodies, and long sleeves, providing flexibility in your order composition.
  • Direct-to-Garment (DTG) and Direct-to-Film (DTF): For DTG and DTF printing, our minimum order quantity is just 1 item. Please note, for DTG printing, we are only able to print on cotton and cotton blend shirts or crewnecks.
  • Embroidery: Our minimum for embroidery orders is 10 items. You can mix and match different items like hats, polos, and bags, though the design must be the same across all items.

Special Pricing Note: While we do not offer traditional price breaks, we structure our pricing so that the cost per item decreases the more you order. This approach ensures you get the best possible price for the exact quantity you need, eliminating the need to order more than necessary just to hit price break points. Our goal is to provide you with flexibility and value, ensuring you can order the quantities you need at the most cost-effective rates.


Q: What types of artwork files do you accept?
A: We prefer vector files in Adobe Illustrator (.ai), EPS (.eps), or PDF (.pdf) formats for their scalability and clarity. For raster images, please provide high-resolution Photoshop (.psd) or TIFF (.tiff) files at 300 dpi or higher.

Q: How should I prepare my artwork for screen printing?
A: Ensure your artwork is sized to the dimensions you want printed. Convert all text to outlines to prevent font substitution, and specify all colors using the Pantone Matching System (PMS) to ensure color accuracy.

Q: Can you print photographs or complex images?
A: Yes, we can print detailed images, including photographs, using halftone printing. For the best results, provide high-resolution images, and be aware that some detail may be lost or altered to suit the screen printing process.

Q: What if I don't have artwork but have an idea?
A: Our design team can help bring your idea to life! Just provide us with a detailed description, and we can create a custom design for you. Design fees may apply.

Q: Are there limitations on colors for screen printing?
A: Screen printing typically involves separate screens for each color, so the number of colors in a design can affect the complexity and cost of the project. We'll work with you to find the best approach for your design and budget.

Q: How can I ensure my design is screen-print ready?
A: To ensure your design is ready for screen printing, it should be in vector format (if possible), with colors clearly labeled using Pantone codes. Ensure all fonts are outlined, and the design is created to scale.

Q: Do you offer color matching for my brand colors?
A: Absolutely! We offer Pantone color matching to ensure your brand or design colors are reproduced accurately. Please provide the specific Pantone codes for your brand colors when submitting your artwork.

Q: What happens if my artwork isn't high enough quality?
A: If your artwork doesn't meet our quality standards, we'll notify you and offer solutions. This might include professional redesign services or suggestions for simplifying your design to make it print-ready. Additional charges may apply for artwork adjustments.

Q: Can I see a proof of my design before it's printed?
A: Yes, we always provide a digital proof of your artwork for approval before proceeding with the print job. This allows you to make any necessary adjustments and ensures you're satisfied with how your design will appear.

Q: Are there any artwork setup fees?
A: Artwork setup fees depend on the complexity of your design and the number of colors involved. We'll provide all the pricing details upfront, so there are no surprises.

For any other questions or specific concerns about your artwork and how it can be optimized for screen printing, please reach out to us directly. We're here to ensure your designs come to life just the way you envision them.

Turn Around Time

Q: What's your typical turnaround time?

A: Our Standard Turnaround Time

  • Screen Printing and Embroidery: Typically, our turnaround time is 2-3 weeks, with 1 week dedicated to production*. These processes demand a keen eye for detail, and this period ensures we achieve the high-quality results you expect.
  • Promotional Products: For items like these, we recommend ordering 4-6 weeks before your desired delivery date. Planning ahead ensures there's enough time for production and shipping.

Please Note: Production time kicks off once an order is fully finalized — that includes confirming quotes and artwork. So, it's essential that all quotes and mockups are approved to get the production process rolling.

Custom Arrival Dates

  • If you're on a tight schedule and need your items faster, just let us know your required delivery date. We're flexible and will collaborate with you to accommodate your timeline as closely as possible.

We stand by our commitment to deliver your order on time and with the utmost quality. For any specific requirements or if you're considering an expedited order, don't hesitate to get in touch with us. We're here to ensure your experience is smooth and your needs are fully met.

"Your Reach Store"

"Your Reach Store": Your Ultimate Solution for Pre-Selling Products

Introducing our "Your Reach" store – the perfect solution for fundraisers, campaigns, businesses, teams, or brands looking to presell their products with ease and convenience. Whether you're gauging interest from your audience or seeking to streamline the logistics of distribution and inventory, we've got you covered.

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Care Guide

Screen Printed Apparel Care Guide

Wash Cool & Gentle
- Wash at 86°F or cooler to prevent fading and shrinking.
- Use a gentle cycle with low spin.
Air Dry Preferred
- Air drying is recommended for best results.
- If using a dryer, select a low heat setting to protect the fabric and print.
Inside Out
- Wash garments inside out to protect the print from abrasion.
Match Colors & Materials
- Wash with similar colors to avoid color transfer.
- Avoid heavy items like denim or towels that can abrade the print.
No Bleach
- Use mild detergent only.
- For stains, pre-treat the area without using bleach.
No Iron on Print
- Do not iron directly on prints to avoid damage.
- Iron inside out or use a protective cloth over the print.

Following these care tips will help maintain the quality and longevity of your screen-printed apparel, ensuring your prints stay vibrant and intact for years.